About Us

Our company background

Albrecht Events, LLC is an event design agency dedicated to communicating your company’s mission through smart, collaboratively imagined, dynamic events. Based in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, we are a woman-owned and operated, environmentally conscious company that gives back to our local community.

Event Design

From inception to execution, conveying your company’s desired message and brand identity is at the heart of our event design strategy. We work with you every step of the way, tailoring each element—down to the smallest detail—to coincide with your vision. This hands-on process, featuring above and beyond customer service, guarantees personalized events that defy industry standards while maintaining your budget and producing unforgettable experiences to wow your guests. Our services include destination management, special event production, meeting planning, teambuilding events, and more. Let us help you bring your vision to life.

Our Experience

With more than four decades of combined experience in event design, the Albrecht Events team possesses a depth of knowledge and resources vital to organizing and executing exceptional events. We have deep roots in the hospitality industry in the Mid-Atlantic region and have fostered strong relationships with a broad network of talented professionals and trusted vendors. Our passion for sophistication and style consistently places us on the cutting edge of industry competition, but it is our personal touch and drive to over-perform for our clients that sets us apart. We approach each new event as an opportunity to improve on our past work, expand our resources and stockpile fresh ideas guaranteeing our clients innovative solutions and dramatic results.

Welcome to our Neighborhood

For over a decade, Albrecht Events has operated in the vibrant, diverse, and culturally rich neighborhoods of Philadelphia. While our business extends regionally and nationwide we take pride calling Philadelphia home. With the city as a backdrop, we are devoted to sharing all that it has to offer, whether crafting events that showcase the city’s meld of historical and modern flair or revealing our favorite hidden treasures to visiting clients. The personal touch in our event design is a reflection of our sense of community. Let us help you discover our love for Philadelphia and surrounding regions.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As a woman-owned and operated, environmentally conscious company, we are sincere about our commitment to creating opportunities for inclusion and further understanding. We are committed to learning how we can do more and play a bigger part in leveraging our own privilege to help those who do not have and have not had the same opportunity that has been bestowed upon us based on our race and skin color. We understand that we do not and cannot fully and truly ever understand the depth and breadth of unfairness and injustice that has been experienced by those who have been mistreated and that we have a responsibility to not only do our best to try to understand to the best of our ability but also to support and promote the skills, labor and businesses of minorities and the BIPOC community in everything we do from this point forward.

For more than 15 years, Albrecht Events has operated in the vibrant, diverse, and culturally rich neighborhoods of the Philadelphia Region and has had the opportunity to work with and support organizations and talent who make up the fabric of these neighborhoods. We feel fortunate for the opportunities we have experienced and the people we have met along the way who have shared the richness of this diversity with us. While supporting local talent and businesses has been a priority for Albrecht Events since its inception, recent events have given us pause to look inward and accept the challenge and our part in working to chip away at this systemic problem where we have the ability to do so.

We believe in fostering an inclusive environment and understand the importance of giving back to our community. We recognize that creating and sustaining a culture that harnesses diversity and inclusion is essential in our world today and our hope and intention is to be part of the path forward towards a more wholehearted and united world. We work hard to make sure that our business practices are beneficial to people, our communities and the planet. We incorporate inclusion and diversity in our event planning process, such as checking the calendar for cultural day of observances, ensuring accessibility needs, and checking pronouns. We understand the importance of these details. It is our responsibility to discover and put the spotlight on talented minority vendors and partners. We work with clients from all backgrounds and recommend they consider entertainment, speakers, committee members, decor and cuisine that reflects the diversity of their own communities.

At the heart and soul of our company is a team of caring people who are passionate about making a difference through consciousness and kindness in each and every moment and each and every opportunity.

What makes us different?


Services tailored to your needs, budget, and timeline.

Lean on us when it counts to manage corporate events, meetings, and conventions—even at remote destinations! Our team will help you make an impact through fun, creative, and smart events that foster openness, networking, and learning.


We are green.

We’re thoughtful in our planning with respect to issues of environmental impact. Contact us to learn more about our values about Going Green and planning a GREEN event.


We give back.

We’ve partnered with several organizations to offer programs that give back to communities.

Services We Provide

Whether you envision an annual conference, a high-profile special event, or a teambuilding experience, our event planning and convention services will help you make the impact you want, without breaking your budget. Our services range from long-term planning to day-of event execution, and we will always adapt to your particular needs.

Our team

From planning and coordination to seamless implementation, our experienced team produces top-notch events with exceptional customer service.

Ashley Albrecht, CMP, President
Lauren Huezo, CSEP, DMCP, Manager, Special Projects
Allison Beato, Special Projects and Transportation Manager
Patty Poach, PR, Marketing and Fundraising Events Lead
Alysha Bowen, Project Designer
Meet the Team

I highly recommend the first-rate event planning services provided by Albrecht Events, who made it possible for us to hold Meeting Metropolis, a landmark event for the nation’s top meeting planners. I was particularly impressed with the ability of Albrecht Events to create a series of “wow” moments that guests found truly memorable – no small feat given that our attendees were some of the most seasoned meeting planning professionals in the nation. Flexibility was just one of their greatest strengths. – Former president and CEO, Pennsylvania Convention Center