Special Events


Creative, innovative solutions to inspire and engage your audience.

Whether you are planning to celebrate your company’s milestone anniversary or annual holiday party, our events will excite your guests every time. Our team is prepared with the resources to plan such events as a gala to raise awareness and funds for a cause or a fun day for families. We bring unique ideas and themes to design the perfect ambience for your event. You can always expect the entertainment, cuisine, and décor to be fresh, innovative, and delivered with exceptional service. From finding the ideal venue, attracting guests and securing sponsors if needed—down to the smallest detail—let our team plan your next unforgettable special event.

  • Location Scouting
  • Engaging Visual Event Designs
  • Entertainment and Production
  • Food and Beverage Coordination
  • Online and On‐Site Registration
  • Materials Design and Publishing Management
  • On‐Site Staffing
  • Sponsor Administration
  • Tribute Videos
  • Timeline Development

It is always a pleasure to partner with Albrecht Events. Your creativity, attention to detail and ability to understand ‐ and produce ‐ exactly what the client wants is the primary reason for your success. – Anita Martucci, Westin Philadelphia